Welcome to the Andover and District Beekeepers Association (ABKA) website.

ABKA is a thriving association of amateur beekeepers looking after the interests of existing members and newcomers to beekeeping in the Andover area (Map of Andover and District territory).

We are one of the many associations that make up the larger body of the British Beekeepers Association (www.bbka.org.uk) and our association is one of the many that make up the Hampshire Beekeepers Association (www.beetalk.org.uk)

We meet regularly to exchange information and keep abreast of issues relating to beekeeping as well as simply to socialise. Topics we cover include bee health, beekeeping techniques and theories, bee products, advice and access to BBKA training modules as well as practical apiary visits.

We look forward to meeting you or helping with your enquiry as an Andover resident, with an interest in bees!



 Winter Lecture Programme and Beginners' Courses

Andover BKA Winter Meetings and Beginners' Course will be held at Picket Piece Village Hall, Walworth Road, Andover SP11 6LY starting at 7:30pm prompt. Anyone who would ike to learn more about beekeeping is most welcome to attend, but please contact the membership secretary beforehand if possible - details can be found on the Contacts page


Date                                      Speaker                           Subject 

Tuesday 6th September       Peter Lewis                     A Taste of Honey

Tuesday 27th September                                             AGM

Tuesday 4th October           Matt Somerville                Log Hives

Tuesday 1st November                                                Honey Show and Quiz

Tusday 6th December          Pam Hunter                     Bee Pheromones

Tusday 3rd January             Sam Jackson-Amia          Hive Monitoring 

Tuesday 7th February          Steve Riley                       Identifying Varroa Resistance

Tuesday 7th March              John Goodwin                   Honey Show Preparation   



Association Summer Events 2022

Date                                         Event                                                    Venue                 

Sun 14th August                  Knepp Visit                                         Knepp



Practical Beekeeping Training at Cowdown Apiary 2022 

We are pleased to announce that the Cowdown training apiary is again open. Dependent upon weather conditions and the availability of the site team access can be gained from 1000 hours for two hours on Saturday mornings between the end of April and the end of September and at other times by prior agreed appointment with Mike Barrie, the apiary manager.

Please note that there are no toilet facilities on site and due to its open grassland, plain environment and at times high fire risk that smoking and naked flames other than to prime a smoker will be permitted and even then under strict control.


Monthly Diary Guide - 

Introduction and Preparation - TBA

Hands in hive - TBA 

Hands in hive - TBA

Main honey flow – super management - TBA

Assessing bee temperament - TBA

Uniting colonies - TBA

Preparing for Winter - TBA

See Side Menu for Directions to Cowdown and details of Activities 

Any meeting cancellations will be notified on this page 


Beginners Course Dates and Content starting in January 2023

Bee Keeping Introductory Training - now completed

Are you interested in taking up beekeeping as a hobby, working with honey bees or just for the sake of environmental study? If so, then this is your opportunity to join with us Andover Bee Keepers in their forthcoming Introductory Course for bee keepers due to start in January – next year 2023.

Zoom may be used as the method of presenting the training over seven one hour sessions (Tuesday evenings between January through to the end of March) you will be taken through basic steps which can lead to practical learning at our Cowdown apiary under the guidance of experienced bee keepers.

Open to all ages without any necessary experience and certainly no test! The cost of the course will include the text book appropriate for the course.

Our next scheduled course will commence in January 2023 so contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be advised of course details from October 2022


   Beekeeping and natural history

   Equipment and forage

   The beekeeping year

   Colony Management 

   Disease and colony health 

   Swarms,queens and mating flights 

   Alternative Natural Beekeeping

   Practical session - will be held in Picket Piece Village Hall

   Summer training at Cowdown Apiary site

   History and natural history of the honey bee
   Equipment used in beekeeping, and Forage
   Invertebrates generally; placing the honey bee into context
   Colony management, inspections, neighbours and apiaries
   Diseases, pests and problems
   Queen bees, the management of swarms, managing apiaries
   The beekeeping year including, honey processing -- extracting, filtering, storing, and eating your first jar!
   Winter work and putting kit together

REQUIREMENTS. Notebook and pencil.

COST: To be advised - we will provide you with the latest beekeeping book for homework. Please do not buy anything yet as there is a lot of unnecessary and useless stuff out there waiting for the unwary.


FURTHER DETAILS:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.