ABKA Honey Show Results 2018

Class 1 Light Honey
1st  Jim Stuart 2nd Tom Salter 3rd   Malcolm Briant
Class 2  Medium Honey
1st    Mike Withers 2nd    Tom Salter 3rd     Malcolm Briant
Class 3 Dark Honey
1st   Tom Salter 2nd   Mike Withers 3rd    Vanessa Pile
Class 4  Crystallised Honey
1st     Rob Hall 2nd    Janelle Quitman 3rd    Mike Withers
Class 5 Soft Set Honey
1st     Amanda Prideaux 2nd    Tom Salter 3rd     Mike Barrie
Class 6 Cut Comb
1st       Tom Salter 2nd       Amanda Prideaux 3rd         n/a
Class 7 Honey for Sale
1st      BECKY CHADD 2nd    Tom Salter 3rd     Jim Stuart
Class 8  Mead
1st      Rob Hall 2nd      n/a 3rd       Addam Cunliffe

Class 9 Fruit & Honey Cake
1st        Jennie Pope 2nd        Rob Hall 3rd          Becky Morley
Class 10 Flapjacks
1st          Vanessa Pile 2nd         Jennie Pope 3rd           Janelle Quitman
Class 11 Sticky Honey Cakes
1st      Nigel /Lauren Armstrong 2nd     Jennie Pope 3rd      Henri  Brett
Class 12 Photo/Drawing
1st      Janelle Quitman 2nd      Tony Prior 3rd        Ann Wood
Class13 Bees Wax
1st     Amanda Prideaux 2nd    Tom Salter 3rd      Malcolm Briant
Class 14 Novice
1st     Vanessa Pile 2nd      Peter Batten 3rd       Roger Witcomb
Class 15 Tasting
1st         Jim Stuart
HONEY TROPHY Classes 1 to 7 Tom Salter
COOKERY TROPHY  Classes 9 to 11  Jennie Pope
JUBILEE CUP Classes 12 and 13  Janelle Quitman
NOVICE CUP  Vanessa Pile
MEMBERS CUP decided by the Judge…..Tom Salter