Our principle aim is to promote the art of beekeeping, both traditional and natural, and to encourage good beekeeping practice in the Andover locality.

In the summer months, we arrange a series of visits to members' apiaries and to other social events. This is a good time to see how other beekeepers approach their tasks and exchange information, advice and tips on beekeeping.

In the colder winter months, we arrange a series of meetings to maintain contact with each other. At the meetings, guests are invited to talk on various aspects of beekeeping. These meetings are excellent events for learning more about the craft and debating the various beekeeping techniques.

Normally from December to April we also run a series of talks designed for newcomers to the art of beekeeping. The aim is to educate new members in the basics of beekeeping so that the following summer they can properly participate in the practical sessions and gain sufficient confidence to decide whether beekeeping is for them. The talks cover matters such as natural history, colony management, diseases, and processing honey.

ABKA is represented by a committee from the membership.