Andover and District Beekeepers Association

Minutes of Annual General Meeting held at Picket Piece Village Hall

Tuesday 6th December 2016.

To approve the minutes of AGM held 8th Dec 2015

These were agreed as an accurate representation of the meeting. Proposed Becky Chadd seconded Amanda Prideaux

Matters arising: None

Treasurer report: (Full audited accounts attached)

2016 has been a successful year. Membership is up on last year with 111 members. There are 18 new members. Income remains at a similar level to the previous year and is largely driven by gift aid and subscriptions. As a charity our cash reserves of £4200 are considered high and members are to be encouraged to submit ideas on how to use this money for the benefit of our Association. Good speakers for winter meetings are to be encouraged.

Education on matters beekeeping remains a priority for the long term wellbeing of our Association. To encourage young members and to offer support to young and new and existing members, the following will be offered:

• That there should be no change in subs for year 2016/17

• There will be no charge for junior members wishing to attend the beginner’s course.

Membership database 

Treasurer has information about member interests. If this were recorded in an accessible format, it was agreed that some skills would be valuable to the Association if members were willing to share them. As for information about bee keeping system, for trading and education purposes recording such information would be invaluable.

It was reported that building a database is in progress and tahks were extended to those members who have submitted forms.

Chair report. Thanks were extended to

1. Rob Hall for his organising events linked to new beekeeper training sessions. These include both the winter programme and apiary meetings plus organising entries for the module examinations

2. Becky, plus David and Julia Peart for their organising the honey show.

3. Tom Salter for his work in organising tutorial training sessions for those taking modules.

4. David Peart for is role in revising our web site pages.

5. Alex Emmett for her work as secretary

6. Andy Kingman for his work in coordinating his swarm team.

Apiary Sites

Dates and venues will be organised over the winter. Volunteers to host sites included 

Jolyon Pope, Jim Stuart, John Haverson, Mike Barrie, Andy Kingman, Alan Telfer, Alan Summerfield.

To elect officers of the association

position person - proposed - seconded

Chair Alan Telfer - Jim Stuart - Mike Withers

Vice Chair Jolyon Pope - Jackie Shearer - Charles Eyre

Treasurer Charles Eyre - Jolyon Pope -  Mic Laird

Secretary Mike Barrie - David Manuel - Mic Laird

Education Officer David Baker - Jim Stuart - Amanda Prideaux

Development Officer Tom Salter - Charles Eyre - Becky Chadd

Membership Secretary Becky Chadd - Charles Eyre - Nigel Semmence

HBA Representative Jim Stuart - Jolyon Pope - Debby Watts

Spray Liaison Jim Stuart - Charles Eyrs - Andy Kingman

Honey Show Becky Chadd - Nigel Semmence - Jim Stuart

Swarm Line Andy Kingman - David Manuel - Les Watts

Web Mintenance David Peart / Gillian - Becky Chadd - David Baker

Offers were invited for members wishing to participate in club affairs. Volunteers putting their name forward were:

person - proposed - seconded

Alan Summerfield - Charles Eyre-  Alan Telfer

Mic Laird - John Haverson - Matt Somerville

In accordance with our Andover Beekeepers Asc constitution, the committee will consist of our President plus 7 members: Alan Telfer, Jolyon Pope, Charles Eyre, Mike Barrie, David Baker, Alan Summerfield, Mic Laird

HBA report

This is attached as a separate page

Education Officer

Rob Hall congratulated members who had passed their module exams and presented certificates. These members were

Module 1: Becky Chadd, Jolyon Pope, Henry Brett, Rachel Hall

Basic: Manoochur Gerayesh


John Haverson suggested a debate for and against rearing local queens be set up. After discussion, it was agreed that John would use one of our winter meetings slots to present his case for the use of local reared queens.

Addam Cunliffe voiced concerns about the manner in which our MP Kit Malthouse had responded to Mic Lairds letter about decline in bee numbers. He suggested inviting Kit Malthouse to a meeting with Andover Beekeepers. It was agreed that this should be done.

Meeting closed 10.15 p.m.

Mike Barrie


Alan Telfer               Chairman

Jolyon Pope             Vice chairman

Charles Eyre            Treasurer

Mike Barrie               Secretary

David Baker             Education Officer

Alan Somerfield       volunteer

Mic Laird                  volunteer

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