Andover and District Beekeepers Association: Minutes of Annual General Meeting held at Picket Piece Village Hall: Tuesday 5th Dec 2017

Minutes from 2016: approval Tom Salter seconded David Baker.

There being no apologies of absence the meeting proceeded.

Chairman Report: Alan Telfer reported on the Cowdown Apiary site. What started as an empty windswept site is now planted with ground cover plants, shelter trees and shrubs around the perimeter. Hard standing is laid ready for hives to be sited. Thanks are extended to the Cowdown subcommittee Andy Kingman, Mic Laird, Tom Salter, and Alan Summerfield for their role in getting the site to where it is at present. Jobs to be concluded include getting planning permission for our storage container, agreeing the standard hive on offer by ADBKA at Cowdown and coordinating a volunteer programme for operational activity at the site.

Alan Telfer thanked all ADBKA members past and present for their support during his 15 years of service. 

Treasurer Report: Charles Crossthwaite-Eyre reported ADBKA have adequate cash to invest in planning permission application plus new hives and equipment for Cowdown in 2018 yet remain within our cash reserve of £2,500. ADBKA

Subscriptions will not change in 2017.

Our membership is increasing and with those members who have joined during 2016 stands at 121.

For full account details and statistics of our membership profile, see attached report.

Secretary’s report:

Thank you to Alan Telfer for his contribution to the development of ADBKA during his time serving as Chairman over 15 years.  We wish him well in his short term 5 minute retirement from ADBKA as he has been proposed to stand as President due to the retirement of Mr George King who has served as president since 1983. 

Overview: One of the highlights in our ADBKA beekeeping year, our honey show, is attracting fewer entries. Only 60 Jars were exhibited in 2017 compared with for instance 154 entries in 1993. The events offered by the association in 2017 such as apiary visits and our annual lunch had a lower than expected interest from both long term and new members. On a positive note, membership has increased to in excess of 100.  A much better position than 1993 when there were 41 members. David Baker has reported that he has 30 members enrolled on his beginner’s course with 2 further people on the waiting list. This is the first time we have needed to close the list. Thanks to David and Becky for their efforts.

Cowdown training apiary: It is intended that Cowdown will be operational in April 2018 and provide a facility for both experienced and inexperienced members. After a hands on season at Cowdown, it is anticipated that beginners will have the ability to make informed choices about how they wish to manage their bees and what type of hive they wish to use.

Andy Kingman is seeking volunteers of all skill levels to assist in the running of Cowdown. 

Action: Committee assist Andy Kingman by helping in the search for volunteers.

Winter meetings: Have been well attended and it is hoped the meetings for 2018 will attract a similar attendance. 

Swarm collection: 84 honey bee swarms were collected in our ADBKA district. Andy Kingman reported that all requests from beginners requiring swarms had been met and because of the numbers collected, some were in danger of being given too many swarms.

Apiary visits: Sites for apiary visits were not allocated. Instead, at the suggestion of Charles Crossthwaite-Eyre, the club use his database of those who have volunteered to host a meeting be contacted. Already Jolyon Pope, Jim Stuart in partnership with Charles Crossthwaite-Eyre and Mike Barrie have volunteered to hold an apiary visit should other members fail to come forward. Tom Salter suggested beekeeper has a minimum of 4 hives in the apiary and that if appropriate two beekeepers could share the visit by moving hives to one site. 

Action: Secretary, contact volunteers so that visit dates can be published in the New Year. 

Tom Salter training: Tom presented Basic certificates to David Baker and Mark Christian both of whom passed with a credit Henry Brett received hid module 2 certificate.  Congratulations to all 3. Unfortunately, 2 members ( Colin Hodges and Chris Davies)  were unable to attend the AGM to receive their certificates. David Baker to send out the certificates.

AOB: Thanks to retired beekeeper John Kay for donating a generator for use at Cowdown. Secretary to thank John Kay.

Election of committee and officers:

Position                           Person                                          Proposed                             Seconded

President                       Alan Telfer                                    Jim Stuart                             unanimous

Chairman                       Jim Stuart J                                  Jolyon Pope                         Mike Barrie

Vice Chairman               Jolyon Pope                                  unopposed 

Treasurer                       Charles Crossthwaite-Eyre           unopposed                         

Secretary                       Mike Barrie                                    unopposed 

Education Secretary     David Baker                                   unopposed 

Committee                     Mic Laird                                        unopposed 

Committee                     Alan Summerfield                          unopposed 

Cowdown development &

Swarm liasion                A Kingman                                    unopposed 

Membership secretary  Becky Chadd                                unopposed 

HBA representative      Jim Stuart u                                  unopposed 

Honey Show Secretary Amanda Prideaux                        Becky Chadd                       Jackie Shearer

On his appointment as Chairman, Jim Stuart praised the work done by our retiring President George King. A successful beekeeper and local businessman, George made a strong contribution to the success of Andover Beekeepers during his 34 years of service. Advancing years have led to George’s decision to retire.  On behalf of all ADBKA members, Jim Stuart offered best wishes to George for the future.

The 2018 AGM will be held on Tuesday 4th December at Picket Piece Village Hall.

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