The purpose of this sheet is to provide our Members with an initial information sheet to inform ourselves and then consider how we can help spread the message.

Inform ourselves

There are numerous on-line resources and the following are a key set of starter points:

General Info

There is a specific website dedicated to AHAT in the UK

Or other resources:

BBKA’s resources page with links to several further sub-categories of information

including BBKA’s YouTube page





Experience in France

Richard Noel’s Asian Hornet collection of videos


How can we all help?

AHAT has a page of suggestions on how we may all consider supporting the “campaign” in our local community. The more informed we are the better our preparedness and response.



The AHW app is the bedrock of our monitoring and response across the UK… please download and use the Asian Hornet Watch app (available from your app store) and encourage those in our communities to do the same. This enables the National Bee Unit to verify and then set in motion programmes to ultimately destroy the AH nests.

Important to understand – the destruction of hives is managed by the National Bee Unit



With only 10% of catch from trapping being AH the bycatch is too greater risk. Monitoring allows us to know and then inform BBKA through AHW app. This is a link to making your own monitoring trap.


Or BBKA’s sheet on setting up a bate station and monitoring


                                         SEE IT – SNAP IT – APP IT… the ASIAN HORNET WATCH app